Research Projects

EMRG research activities include individual PhD dissertations funded by the Sint Lucas Antwerpen School of Arts and the University of Antwerp, cutting-edge art & science projects with competively acquired funding, and shorter projects involving external partners and companies.

Current projects

Past projects

  • Flow EEG study of creativity in classical musicians. 2015-2016 • IWT
  • Conduit Expressive ways for visualizing external data. 2012-2014
  • Modeling Creativity How can machines be creative? 2008-2012 • IOF
  • Valence Affective visualization using brainwave monitoring. 2011 • IMEC
  • City in a Bottle A forest in a procedural game environment. 2008-2010 • VAF
  • DarkMatr The web as database for collective intelligence. 2008-2009 • IBBT
  • Gravital Parsing natural language to a visual language. 2007-2009 • IWT