Tom Heene
Pieter Heremans Lieven Menschaert Lionel Maes Olivier Meunier Gert Aertsen Dries De Roeck
data visualization immersion physical
EUR 50,000


DarkMatr is an Art&D project funded by the IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology, Ghent, Belgium) and the VGC (Flemish Community Commission of Brussels). It is a collaborative effort by EMRG, CUO (University of Leuven), WiCa (University of Gent), iMAL (Center for Digital Cultures and Technology) and Nadina/Plateau. It received additional support of XenICs and Jemaco. DarkMatr investigates the way data from the web and our physical world can be merged and presented in a total user experience. It is an interactive installation that uses the web as if it was a database for collective human intelligence. Using data visualization, cinema immersion and new media (thermal camera and biofilm screen), the human body became a physical interface to connect with the virtualized knowledge of the net.