Lucas Nijs Lieven Menschaert
Frederik De Bleser Tom De Smedt Stefan Gabriëls Thomas Crombez
data visualization physical user experience


Conduit is an approved research proposal and acquired competitive academic research funding. The project envisions the computer as a bicycle for the mind (Jobs, 1984) instead of a box with a display, mouse and keyboard. Using the computer as a central pivot, we want to make it as easy as possible to connect different forms of input to different forms of output: for example social network data and EEG signals to games, infographics and laser cutters. Conduit provides flexible tools to visualize and externalize data to other (physical) forms. The project introduces new possibilities to sketch with data, or for dancers to link their movement to projections, or for people with physical disabilities to express themselves creatively, and so on. All of these create a bridge between disciplines and make unexpected collaborations possible.