Imke Debecker
Tom De Smedt Lieven Menschaert Ludivine Lechat Bernard Grundlehner Michel Noorloos Julien Penders
generative art game brain computer interface EEG emotion sensing


Valence is a project funded by IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre). It is a collaborative effort by EMRG, IMEC and Holst Centre. The project is an interactive visualization controlled by live brainwave monitoring. We use a wireless EEG headset to monitor the player’s alpha waves (an indicator of relaxation) and valence (an indicator of emotion or arousal). The game world is an emergent system of attractive and repulsive forces responding to affective EEG input, made in NOGL.



De Smedt T., Menschaert L. (2012). VALENCE: Affective visualisation using EEG. Digital Creativity, 23(3-4): 272-277.