Lucas Nijs

Lucas Nijs has been a freelance graphic designer since 1981. He was employed at Apple Computer Europe from 1989-1994. He has been teaching new media, graphic design and experimental typography at the Sint Lucas School of Arts (Antwerp, BE), the Plantin Genootschap (BE, until 2005) and the Lahti Institute of Design (FI) since 1983. In 2004, he founded the Experimental Media Research Group. He has coordinated research funded by the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders, and co-promotes PhD theses of Tom De Smedt and Frederik De Bleser. For a brief overview of workshops taught by Lucas, refer to the workshops section.

Lucas Nijs has been invited to speak at several international art & design conferences, including ATypI 2004 (CZ), ATypI 2005 (FI), Integrated 2007 (BE), C.STEM 2007 (IT), Integrated 2009 (BE), LGM 2010 (BE), ISEA 2010 (DE), Integrated 2011 (BE).

Software projects

NodeBox 3 (2008). A cross-platform, free software application for creating generative graphics using a node-based UI. Instead of writing code users can connect visual blocks (called nodes) together into networks, creating visually rich compositions.
NodeBox 1 (2004). A software application for Mac OS X that generates 2D graphics (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code.


1989 Desktop Publisher of the Year at MacWorld, London, UK

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