Frederik De Bleser

Frederik is co-founder of EMRG and the author of NodeBox. He owns a private design company called Burocrazy. His PhD research studies the link between computers and art: the impact of procedural graphics applications on graphic designers. Specifically, if designers using this software are:

  1. Efficient: can designers produce good designs faster?
  2. Comprehensive: can they try out more things before settling on a finished design?
  3. Creative: can they produce new things beyond the state-of-the-art?
  4. Self-reliant: are they able to help themselves if they get stuck?

Software projects

NodeBox 3 (2008). A cross-platform, free software application for creating generative graphics using a node-based UI. Instead of writing code users can connect visual blocks (called nodes) together into networks, creating visually rich compositions.
NodeBox 1 (2004). A software application for Mac OS X that generates 2D graphics (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code.

Personal website